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We pride ourselves on providing you with top-quality training programs, instructors, and great customer service. Our Driver Education Course fulfills the requirements of the State Board of...

18-20 Year Olds


We’re the easy and convenient way for Illinois adults to meet state requirements for drivers ed.

Adult Programs

Our friendly customer service staff will work with you to schedule behind-the-wheel driving lessons with our licensed, trained driving instructors at times that work with your busy schedule.

Motorcycle Instruction

The motorcycle training program includes classroom time that will properly prepare you for taking the state written test for your motorcycle license.  To complete the license examination in the...

Parents Resources

Along with the involvement of parents, Illinois’ Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program will help teens gain the experience they need for a lifetime of safe and responsible driving. Since implementation of the new GDL provisions in 2008, teen driving deaths in the state are down by nearly 60 percent. As a result, Illinois’ GDL Program has been lauded by traffic safety organizations across the country and remains a national model for teen driver safety.

Parents may view their teen's (under age 18) driving record for free through the Secretary of State Web site. Several security features will protect the teen's privacy and ensure that only the parents/legal guardians are granted access to the teen's driving record.

Parental Access to Teen Driving Records


Get your learner's permit in only 2 weeks!

You are NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A PERMIT BEFORE STARTING CLASS! We will cover all processes to apply during the first week of class. To obtain a learner’s permit, your must pass a Rules of the Road test. To prepare for this, you must read the Rules of the Road book and be able to understand all of it.  We cover this information during the class.

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  1. Register for drivers education.
    Provide your personal information and create your username/password.
  2. Select your drivers education services.
    Choose from classroom courses, behind-the-wheel sessions, online class, private lessons, and more.
    You can also select what payment method you want.
  3. Schedule your driving sessions.
    From our large variety of sessions you are able to select the classroom, online and behind-the-wheel sessions that fit your schedule best.

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