18-20 Year Olds

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No. Hours: 6

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We’re the easy and convenient way for Illinois adults to meet state requirements for drivers ed.

Effective July 1, 2014 Public Act 98-167 requires Illinois driver’s license applicants ages 18, 19, or 20, who have never previously been licensed or completed an approved driver education course, to complete a six hour Adult Driver Education Course.

The Adult Driver Education Course can only be taught by providers certified by the Secretary of State. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate of completion will be provided to you and then you may visit a Secretary of State Driver Services facility to complete your vision, written and road test.

You can take our adult driving course in only a morning. It’s the six hour driving course that works with your schedule.  We offers a fun and easiest adult driving course allowed by Illinois law, so you can get Drivers Ed over with and earn your license fast.  What are you waiting for? You could be a licensed Illinois driver in no time!

  • Fully approved by the Illinois SOS to meet all requirements
  • Driver Ed required for adults ages 18-20
  • Interactive, engaging courses for a superior user experience
  • Comprehensive driver education content
  • Informative, valuable post-course resources to keep drivers confident and empowered
  • Short chapters for easy learning


  • Take our drivers education, approved by the Illinois Secretary of State.
  • You can finish our certified driving course in as little as six hours.
  • Head to the State Driver Services Facility closest to you with your certificate of completion.
  • Complete written exam and behind-the-wheel road test at the Drivers Service Facility.
  • Receive your temporary Illinois driver license same day and wait 2 weeks to get the card by mail.

Get Your Full Course and Class Certificate to apply for License

Just $6410
If you are a looking for Spanish classes, please click here.

  1. Register for drivers education.
    Provide your personal information and create your username/password.
  2. Select your drivers education services.
    Choose from classroom courses, behind-the-wheel sessions, online class, private lessons, and more.
    You can also select what payment method you want.
  3. Schedule your driving sessions.
    From our large variety of sessions you are able to select the classroom, online and behind-the-wheel sessions that fit your schedule best.

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